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How do I edit my contacts?

Sam Hayes
posted this on July 12, 2011 05:59 PM

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How do I edit contact information?

On an iPhone or iPod touch: edit a contact's information by tapping the arrow that appears to the right of their name.  The contact's Info page will appear.  Tap the "Edit" icon in the upper right corner of the screen to change their contact information and press "Done".  You can also edit contact info in your Contacts app (not in Textfree).

On an iPad: tap the contact's name or number in "Inbox" to see the conversation view.  You'll have an option to "Add to Contacts" if the person you are texting with is not already in your Contacts (or to add the number to an existing contact), or you'll have a button that says "Contact Info" if they are already in your Contacts.  You can also edit contact info in your Contacts app (not in Textfree).

On an Android device: press the "Options" key on your device when in the conversation view and tap "edit contact."

On Textfree Web: Textfree Web only remembers your most recent contacts, but you can still edit the names of the people you're having conversations with! After you've started a conversation with someone, the number of the person you're having a conversation with should appear on the left of the screen. Click directly on the number to change it to the name of the contact! 




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