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How to Delete Texts

posted this on September 23, 2011 02:53 PM

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On the Textfree app

There are two ways to delete messages.  On the main screen, you can delete entire recent conversations.  Just swipe the conversation to the right.  A "delete" button should pop-up; clicking this button will allow you to delete or block the user. 

You can also delete specific messages.  When in a conversation, you can tap and hold a specific message.  A button will pop-up, with options to "copy," "forward," or "delete" a message. 

If this doesn't work for your Facebook conversations, you may need to reinstall your app.  For a completely clean install (this will wipe your older messages!): 

  • Delete the app,
  • RESTART your device, and then
  • Reinstall the app (reinstalling without restarting may not wipe away all old data). 


On Textfree Web

Sorry, but this feature isn't currently available. We know it's a hassle and are working on updating our product to change this :)


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