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What is the purple dot for?

posted this on May 31, 2012 03:01 PM

The purple dot on your contact's Tile means that your contact also uses Pinger!
When a friend has Pinger (or Textfree), you can text and call this friend for free with read receipt notifications and hi-res pic messaging. There's no need to get a Pinger number and no need to get minutes. Even your friends in other countries can get Pinger! Click here to see the full list of supported countries.

Pinger-to-Textfree is free too!
You can still text and call your friends on Textfree FREE from Pinger! We're all one big happy network, so it works out :)

If you're using Pinger from your phone and a friend on Textfree contacts the number you registered to Pinger, it will go to your Pinger app and not your native one. They should switch to Pinger to have the option to send texts to your native app or to the Pinger app when they send texts to the number you registered with Pinger (scroll down to check out the screen shot). Kind of confusing, we know.

If you call a friend's number that's registered with Pinger...
If you're using Pinger or Textfree and you call a friend's registered Pinger number, it will call their Pinger app and not their native phone.

If you text a friend's number that's registered with Pinger...
If you're using Pinger, you can choose whether you'd like to text to go to your friend's Pinger app inbox, or to their native texting inbox. Just tap the purple arrow to the right of the texting box in Pinger and select where you'd like your text to go!


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