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Can I log in to Pinger with my Textfree username and password?

posted this on June 04, 2012 12:19 PM

Yep, you can totally log into Pinger with your Textfree account!

Click here if you can't remember your Textfree username.
Click here if you can't remember your Textfree password. 


If you see this screen, tap "login with username" to log in with your existing Textfree username and password.
You cannot log in with your Textfree number. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you can't keep your number.
When you log in with your Textfree username and password, you keep your number AND minutes!

Don't have an account on Pinger or Textfree yet? Don't worry, just click the  "create new" button in the top right of the app.

We'll ask you to register a number next!
This is totally optional and will help you to connect with your contacts who are also using Pinger.
If you choose to register your number:
1) Make sure you don't use a number that someone else may have already registered;
2) Make sure you use a number that you have access to because we'll call it to confirm!
Wondering why we ask you to register a number? Click here!


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