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How Do I Send & Receive Pictures?

posted this on July 03, 2012 03:14 PM

Trying to receive pictures in Pinger?

The easiest way to receive picture messages is send a picture message your contact, and have them reply to it with their picture. Otherwise, your contact will have to use one of the below addresses to send you pics (it should work no matter which one they choose!):

We currently only support sending picture messages to other Pinger users, Textfree users, and supported U.S. mobile carriers.


Wondering why you can't receive pics directly to your Pinger number?
Unfortunately, most carriers dont support sending messages to our phone numbers. If you would like to receive MMS to your Pinger number, please let these carriers know that you want them to support Pinger!  Picture messaging currently works with AT&T, Boost, Nextel, T-mobile, Verizon and Virgin.

How do I send a picture message using Pinger?
When you're in conversation view with your contact (like the below screenshot), tap the text area to send a text to your friend.

(Is your friend on Pinger too? Click here for instructions on how to choose whether you'd like your message to go to their Pinger app or to their native number.)



Next, tap the camera icon to attach a picture to send to your friend.

 Once you've successfully selected a picture, it will appear as a miniature image under the camera icon. Then tap "send" to send your the picture and text. You'll then see it in your conversation!



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