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How Do I Earn/Purchase Minutes?

posted this on July 10, 2012 11:58 AM

Adding more minutes to your account is easy! Keep in mind that you can earn rather than purchase minutes for calling!

*Remember, minutes are only required for outbound calls to your friends who aren't using Pinger. All incoming calls, and calls between you and another Pinger user are free!

From your inbox, tap the dial pad icon along the top toolbar.


From the dial pad, tap on the box which shows your current minute balance


You can choose to watch videos for free minutes, complete partner offers for free minutes, or you can purchase minutes.


1. watch video to earn minutes: watch a short promotional video to earn 2 calling minutes

2. more ways to earn minutes: complete offers from our partner, Tapjoy's offer wall (seen below)


3. buy minutes: purchase minutes from your app store


Not seeing the minutes you earned or purchased?
Whoops! Sorry about that. Click here for instructions on what do to.

If you have more questions, or need help with something, click here to submit a request for help.

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