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Your Pinger Android Minutes & Number Can Expire

posted this on September 26, 2012 02:40 PM

Getting emails that say your Pinger number is about to expire?

Big deal? That depends. If you only use Pinger to text and call friends on Pinger, you don't even need a Pinger number. Just make sure you register a number, like your mobile number or home number, and you're set.

If you use Pinger to text and call people who are NOT using Pinger, you might want to keep your Pinger provided number active. To keep your number active, open up the Pinger app and text or call one of your contact's mobile numbers (make sure it's not going to their Pinger app by clicking here).

What won't keep your account active?

Receiving texts from your friends, sending picture messages, and sending or receiving texts from other Pinger or Textfree users.

Why do we expire numbers?

Our system automatically recycles phone numbers to new users after an extended period of inactivity. If you have minutes attached to your number, they'll disappear too.

We DO warn you via email when this is about to happen, so you won't be surprised. This is why it's important to verify your email address with our system! Make sure that you check to make sure our emails aren't getting stuck in your spam filters too!


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