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How do I change my signature on my messages?

Jesse Green
posted this on August 13, 2010 12:22 PM

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Since Textfree v3.3, you have the ability to add a signature to the end of your messages.  By default, the signature is "-Sent from Textfree".  If you want to change your signature, follow these instructions:

In the Textfree app:

1. Open the Textfree app and tap on the "gears" icon to access the Options menu.


2. In the Options menu, scroll down to find the "Signature" tab and tap on it.


3. Here you can change your signature. Just tap on the text field to enter a new signature or even keep it blank if you like.


4. When you're finished, tap the "Done" button on your keyboard to change your signature.

 Please note that whatever you change your signature to becomes part of your text message.


On Textfree Web:

1. Log in

2. Click "Options" in the top right of the screen

3. Click the text box next to "Signature" to change your signature!


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