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What is Textfree?

Felix Cheung
posted this on November 11, 2010 02:42 PM

Textfree users:
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Textfree by Pinger is a totally free app that lets people text free, and earn free minutes to make calls (if your'e on iOS), using either WiFi or a cellular data plan.  Texting and picture messaging are paid for by our advertisers (that's why you see those banner ads in the app).

Calls go by minutes. You get 10 minutes to start when you choose a Textfree number. To get more minutes, you can download free apps, complete partner offers, or watch videos - all from within the app (these belong to our advertisers, who cover the cost of the minutes you earn). You also have the option to pay for minutes (at about 2 cents per minute).  Incoming calls are FREE, and Textfree-to-Textfree calls are FREE.

Tap the "Keypad" icon on the top of Textfree:


This will bring up the Keypad.  Tap the "minutes left" button on the Keypad (it's to the left of "call"):

You'll get a choice of earning free minutes or buying them:



Download Textfree:

Textfree Voice + VM for iOS - FREE texts and calls, plus free voicemail. Even get a free real US phone number!

Textfree for iPad - FREE text and picture messaging--optimized for iPad. Even get a free real US phone number!

Textfree for Android - FREE unlimited text and picture messaging for your Android phone. Even get a real US phone number!

Textfree Web - Login to your existing Textfree account or create a new one. Get a free US number and send unlimited texts from any Flash-enabled browser!


Need help?

Not seeing minutes you earned? Head here.

Wondering where all the free apps for minutes went? You can read more about it here.

Textfree vigorously protects the privacy of it's users and does not give out any user information. If you're trying to find information on a Textfree user who is using our service to harass or spam you, please click here to read our article on what steps to take

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