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How do I use custom ringtones and text tones?

Felix Cheung
posted this on December 21, 2010 03:47 PM

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We'd LOVE to be able to let you set you own music as your ringtone.  Unfortunately, if you're on an iOS device, Apple only lets us (the developers) use the music on your device when you're IN the app.  And, of course, the whole point of a ringtone is to alert you when you're NOT in the app.  So you can see our predicament.  If we ever figure out a way to do this, we'd jump on it!

Are you an Android or Web user? Things may be different for you, but we aren't sure if/when this change would go into effect! Trust us, when we know, you'll know! :)

However, you can still make Textfree yours!

  • Customize your Ringtones and Texting tones by going to the Options menu in Textfree (tap/click the "gears" icon) and choosing one of the options provided.
  • If you want to set specific Ringtones and Texting tones for individual friends, go into each conversation and tap the "musical note" icon at the top of the screen.  Go wild!
Have ideas about ringtones? Post them in our Textfree Feedback forum.

If you're not hearing notification alerts when you're outside of the app at all, go here!

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