How to Get a Textfree Phone Number

If you have an account but still don't have a Textfree phone number, or if your number expired and you'd like a new one, please follow these easy steps!You cannot change your number once it's been selected.  

What is Textfree?
Textfree let's you call and text for free. Our app communicates with real numbers (and your friends who are also on the Pinger network) by using the internet, so you don't have to use up texts and minutes from your cellular provider. If you're on an iPhone and are using your data plan instead of WiFi, make sure you don't go over your monthly limit!

If you don't have the app yet, click this link from your iPod or iPhone to download it from the US or Canadian App Store.

If your number has expired, and you'd like a new one:

Access your settings by tapping on the gear icon along the top toolbar


Now, tap on 'account info' for details associated with your current account


Next to Textfree number, tap on 'Get one!' to find your new number


Now, you'll see the same process as when you first created your account!

Type in your desired zip code, or choose from a list of random area codes, then select a number from the options provided to you


To create an entirely new account, follow these instructions!

After downloading and launching the app you'll see the option to login or sign up - choose "Sign up" to create your account

Next, fill out the requested information to build your profile! After entering a username, password, age, and gender, tap "create account"

This pop-up confirms that you know that you can't make emergency calls on Textfree (like to 911).

Enter in a zip code for numbers in a desired area, or if you don't have a preference, select a number at random.

Now you get to choose your very own Textfree number for free calling and texting! Once you've selected a phone number, tap "get this number"


Confirm your number, and make sure you write it down so you can share it with your friends and family!

Click here to see how to send messages

Click here for how to place a call

Happy Texting!

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