Safety tips

When things are free, like Pinger, some people get a little carried away. We want everyone to have an awesome time using our product, and a few people could ruin the experience for everyone unless we ALL agree to follow the rules.

If you check out Pinger's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, you'll see we have some very important rules and regulations.

For example, if you are doing these things, your account could be deleted:

  • Impersonating someone - you create an account and pretend to be someone else.
  • Spamming - sending bulk texts to people who do not want them.
  • Harassment/Abuse - this is a BIG no-no. Harassment and abuse of people could not only result in your account being deleted, you could also face legal implications. This includes sending people unwanted texts with inappropriate content, and cyber bullying.
    • Pranking can fall under harassment. Somethings you may think are funny could potentially harm other people. A simple text like, "I know where you live" coming from an unknown source would scare you too!

That said, it's also up to YOU to make sure that you're being smart while using Pinger.

Here are some things that may seem obvious to some of you, but others may not know:

  • Having Pinger is the same as having a regular phone; if you post your Pinger number or username somewhere public like on Twitter or Facebook, ANYONE can contact you.
  • Don't text or try to make calls while driving. It is dangerous and, c'mon, it's kind of stupid. One text to tell your friend a funny joke, or to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them, is not worth your or anyone else's life.
  • If someone you don't know calls or texts your Pinger number and tries to get you to reveal personal information (your real name, address, school, etc.) or wants to meet you, tell your parents or a trusted adult.  This person could be a new pal, but they also could be a criminal.  We don't want to scare you, but we do want you to be safe too.  There are bad people out there.
  • If someone texts or calls you and threatens you or anyone you know, report the incident to your parent, trusted adult, or the police immediately.  It's better to be safe, even if you think "it's probably not a big deal".  If you're experiencing any sort of harassment from any of our users, please follow the steps in this thread.

Remember, it's important to us that you have a safe, fun experience.  We're here to help.  If you can't find the answer to your question in our Help forum, submit a request and we'll get right on it!


- Team Pinger

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