Info for Parents: What is Textfree? How does it work?

We often get questions from parents about Textfree.  We hope this post answers some of your most frequently asked questions:

What is Textfree?  How does it work?

Textfree with Voice is a totally free app that lets people text free and earn free minutes to call.  Users get a free calling and texting number, too.

  • Texting and picture messaging are always FREE and paid for by our advertisers (who display banner ads during text conversations).
  • Calls go by minutes. You get 10 minutes to start when you choose a Textfree number. To get more minutes, you can download free apps, complete partner offers, or watch videos - all from within the app (these belong to our advertisers, who cover the cost of the minutes you earn). You also have the option to pay for minutes (at about 2 cents per minute).  Incoming calls are FREE, and Textfree-to-Textfree calls are FREE.

Helpful tip: If you go to the "Keypad" tab on the top of Textfree and tap the "minutes left" button to the left of "call", it's really simple to see how it works.

Is it really free?

Bottom line – most of our users NEVER pay us a dime.  It’s all paid for by advertisers. So long as your child never buys out ads, or buys calling minutes (impossible to do by mistake as they’d have to enter his iTunes credentials and confirm purchase) there will be no charges from us.

If your child is using Textfree from their smartphone, and not an iPod touch, they can use their cellular data plan or WiFi to use the app. If they are just using their data plan, make sure you monitor their data usage with and to ensure that it's not going over your current plan's allotted amount!

Is there a minimum age to use Textfree?

There is.  We ask for the user’s age at signup and we don’t allow anyone under 13 to sign up for our service. It’s an Apple rule in iTunes, too.  Having Textfree is very much like having a phone. If your child gives away his or her number or username or posts them on the internet, he or she can get texts and calls.  Just like an email address, IM account, or cell phone number, it's important that teens keep their account information safe.

If you are uncomfortable with your child using Textfree, click "Submit a Request" above to ask our Support team to delete their account.  

If your child is receiving threatening or harassing text messages and calls:

First, we're so sorry this is happening to you.  The overwhelming majority of our millions of users enjoy a great experience with Textfree.  We work hard to protect our users' privacy and make Textfree fun and age-appropriate for all of our users.  If you're experiencing any sort of harassment from any of our users, please follow the steps in this thread.

We hope this thread helps answer your most frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, submit a request and we'll get right on it!


- Team Pinger

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