How do I lookup a Pinger number?

Confused about what Pinger is? Pinger offers a free service that allows people to create an account to send and receive calls and texts for free. 

Are you receiving calls or texts from an unknown Pinger number?

Got a funny text from a Pinger number you don't recognize?

You might want to know if it's just one of your buddies playing a trick on you, but we legally cannot tell you. You can read over our Privacy Policy if you need more information. Check out the links below for additional information on certain situations you may find yourself in.

Click on the description of your situation to see what to do:

You're being threatened or harassed by a Pinger Textfree number...

You want to block a number that is calling you....

You want to block a number that is texting you...

If you just want to report abuse of our service, send the Pinger number in question to plus details of your situation.

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