Not Getting Doodle Bucks?




  • Jacquelyn Nahman

    hi im not earning more doodle bucks but im getting new apps!!! what do i do???

  • Krista Woo

    what are Doodle Bucks?  I have Doodle Buddy.  What do Doodle Bucks do?

  • kylie painter

    Can someone please explain how DB works - i am terrified my 6yo is spending money on my credit card as I dont understand ddole bucks. She somehow managed to spend 59.99 on tap ranch cos i dont understand how they work. I have since placed restrictions on her ipod but they arent working on DB. She likes to get the glitter pen etc.. but HELP!!!

  • Corrina

    With doodle bucks u can buy stuff for doodle buddy like stencils and stickers and gel pens and a bunch of different kinds of stuff but I wouldn't let her pay 60bucks just for doodle bucks

  • Sarah DeBellis

    I'm using the new updated iPad version and have so far downloaded 3 programs using the links in Doodle Buddy. I have not a single doodle buck to show for it. Is this a problem with me, a problem with the program or a problem with how the Australian iTunes store works? Just to confirm, I go to the link I. the program that says to earn more doodle bucks. I then click on the program. It opens up that title in iTunes and I download, open and use that new program. Later I open Doodle Buddy again- no doodle bucks. So what am I doing wrong?

  • Tori Gustafson

    I too nave bought apps, opened and played them and have not gotten any doodle bucks. Any ideas?

  • Livi

    I dont know how to get doodle bucks

  • Sarah DeBellis

    The new update Fixes this problem. Livi, here is what to do: firstly, make sure you have the latest version of Doodle Buddy. On the iPad, go to the Apps store application and select updates, and if you need to update, there will be a link to click on.
    Open Doodle Buddy. At the lower right of the screen is an icon of a bag with a teddy in it. Click on this. You will see a menu of Available items, which are extra add ons for Doodle Buddy. To get these, you need Doodle bucks. At the bottom of the menu you will see how many doodle bucks you have - they kindly give you enough to purchase one upgrade. Beside that is a button to get more doodle bucks. Click on this. It brings up a list of apps that you then click on to load up in the apps store, then download to the iPad/iPod. Some you have to pay for (but they usually give you more doodle bucks ) and others are free. Download one of the apps and open it, have a bit of a play, then relaunch doodle Buddy and you should see the doodle bucks added to your account. You can even delete the new app if you don't want it, but the doodle bucks will stay. I have managed to get all the updates with just the free programs.
    Tip: make sure you haven't put restrictions on Apps in terms of age suitability or just uploading. Imusually have restrictions on so my kids can't buy things accidentally and someverything is age appropriate, but some of the free apps are rated as not suitable for kids (eg online commoner games, casino etc)

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