What is Doodle Buddy?

What is Doodle Buddy?

Doodle Buddy is the most fun you can have with your finger!

Paint, draw, scribble, stamp and sketch.  Finger paint with tons of colors, poke the screen to drop in playful stamps (with adorable, funny sounds) and draw on provided backgrounds or even pictures from your Photos.

Who uses Doodle Buddy?

It's fun for kids of all ages!  From your little sister, to a hip grandma in Rome, to a real life recording artist, we constantly find doodlers that take our breath away!  Check out our Facebook Doodle Buddy page for tons of amazing artwork.


Amazing Doodle Buddy art by doodler Ilona M

Check out tons more art by doodlers like you!

How do I get Doodle Buddy?

Get Doodle Buddy FREE for your Windows Phone! 

Get Doodle Buddy FREE for your iPhone or iPod touch in the iTunes App Store.

Get Doodle Buddy for iPad FREE in the iTunes App Store.

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