How do I search for my friends on Pinger? (only for users outside of US)

You can find your friends on Pinger by searching for their registered number! That's the number you use to sign up for Pinger when you create an account.

Please note that this feature is only available for those using Pinger outside of the United States and Canada.

Just click the "search" icon at the bottom of the window:

  This search window will pop-up:search.png
Tap the grey box with the +1 (US country code) to select a country code for your friend's number.Next, when you type in your friend's number, make sure you include the area code & don't put any spaces or dashes between the numbers!


For example: 
search2.png After you click "Find" you'll see one of two pop-ups:If your friend is already on Pinger, the pop-up will just be a confirmation & will add your friend to your Contact Tiles.search3_desktop_on_pinger.png  If your friend is not on Pinger yet, you'll get a pop-up asking if you'd like to invite them.search4_desktop_no_pinger.tiff  Clicking "Invite" will load a pre-written email to your friend that you can edit.search5_email_invite_pinger.png 

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