Use Textfree Android while traveling!

Looking for instructions on how to text international numbers with Textfree Android? Go here.

Traveling outside the US

You can still use Textfree!

Textfree uses the internet to work. Just switch your device to airplane mode (don't want to get crazy international data-roaming fees!). Anytime you have WiFi, be it free in your hotel or paid in a cafe, you can use Textfree to text or call your friends at home.

Remember: calls to or from your friends Textfree are free! Incoming calls are free too! Want to make outgoing calls? Just grab some minutes! 

Will my friends get charged international fees?

Never fear! Because Textfree gives you a US or Canadian phone number, you can use Textfree and your friends at home WON'T get international fees when you're abroad! Only their standard texting and calling rates will apply. Pretty sweet, isn't it? :)

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