How to send and receive picture messages

Sending Picture Messages

Sending a picture message works just like sending a regular text message with Textfree!

1. If you're sending a new message, tap the new message icon  in the upper right corner of your inbox

2. Your new message screen will have a search bar along the top where you can begin typing the name or number of your contact(s)


3. From the message screen, tap on the "+" to take a photo, or choose one from your camera roll

4. A menu will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Choose either "Take Photo" or "Choose Photo"



5. After you've taken or chosen your picture, a small thumbnail of the image will be added into the textbook. Now, just add a message to go along with it!


6.  Your photo and message will now appear in a conversation thread with your contact!

Receiving Picture Messages

We've recently made a change to the exchange of picture messages. Now, your pictures can be received directly to your Textfree assigned phone number! No more (applies to most carriers - Verizon, Sprint, AT&T for example) see this article for more info!

If you're in Canada: at this time, picture messages cannot be received from contacts whose carrier is Rogers Communications. You will receive the following error message


Trouble sending pictures? or not receiving the pictures your friends are sending you? Let us know at with your:

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Exact date and time the message was sent
  • Your contact's phone number



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