How to edit group details

Now that you can send and receive group messages with Textfree, here are some tips on how to edit your group details. 

Access your group details from within the group conversation. When you're in the group message, tap on the circle with the number of people in the group in the upper right corner

From here, you'll see and do the following:

1. Edit Group Photo - without a photo, you'll see a circle with the number of current group members in the middle  for example. To change photo, tap on the circle, and you can choose from your camera roll or take a photo

2. Name your Group - Tap this section to title your current group

3. Group Participants - This section will show all the current members in the group

4. Add People to the Group or Leave Group - You can send and invite to other contacts to join the group, or leave the group. You cannot remove others from the group

For other questions about group messaging, contact our Support team at with "Group Message Questions" in the subject line :)

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