How to turn on notifications

If you find that you're not receiving notifications for Textfree, make sure you have notifications turned on. You can check this through your device settings. Here's how:

1. Access your device settings, then scroll to find "Notifications"

2. Once in Notifications, scroll to find Textfree Ultra in your list of applications

3.  From here, make sure you have your desired notifications turned on - we recommend:

  • Allow Notifications - On
  • Sounds - On
  • Badge App Icon - On
  • Show on Lock Screen - On

For the Alert Style - we recommend that if you want to make sure you never miss them, to select 'Alerts' instead of 'Banners'

Alerts require you to perform an action to remove the notification, whether it be to view message to ignore!

If you still have trouble with notifications? Contact us at with "Notification Issues" in the subject line, and we can help from there! 

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