How do I Create a Textfree Account?

If you haven't done so, download Textfree from your app store!

1. After installing and launching the app, tap on the purple 'Sign Up!' button

2. Next, you're given the option to select a local phone number or 'Change Area Code'. 

After selecting from either of these options, choose a phone number from the list and tap 'Next'.


3. Once you've chosen a number, you'll then be asked to confirm. 

4. From here, you'll be asked to input your email, password, age, and gender. After you've filled this out, choose 'Sign Up'



5. Then, a message will pop up with some important information about Textfree. Look it over, and tap 'Accept'.

Make sure to share your number with all your friends so they can contact you on Textfree!

To learn how to send your first message, click here!

To learn how to place calls, click here!

For any other questions about how to use Textfree, explore our other help site articles, or contact us at :)

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