What is Textfree? Is it really free?

Textfree lets you text and talk free

Textfree is a VoIP (voice over IP) operator that creates mobile applications for Android and iOS devices that allows our users to send and receive free messages as well as make and receive phone calls.

In the US and Canada, users get a free REAL US or Canadian phone number to send real SMS and call any real number in the US and Canada. 

How is it free?

Textfree uses the internet to work, so all you need is a connection to either WiFi or a cellular data plan. (Wondering why you need WiFi?)

Texting & Picture Messaging

  • Ads in the app pay for ALL your texts & pics! Both sent and received. (Note: If your friends aren't using Textfree, their standard rates will apply)
  • For help sending & receiving picture messages, click here.  


  • Calls to other Textfree users are always free & won't use up minutes!
  • ALL incoming calls from anywhere in the world to your Textfree number are free & won't use up minutes!
  • Want to make a call to a friend who isn't using Textfree? You'll need minutes! Click here to learn how to earn them free!

For any questions on using Textfree internationally, please follow the links provided! 

International texting

International calling

If you have more questions or need help with something, click here to submit a request for help. 


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