Support didn't respond to my email!

Emailed or submitted a request and haven't gotten a response?

Please remember, our team is only human. Yup! Only humans here, no robots.

We do our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible and would appreciate it if you did not send multiple emails for the same problem. We promise to answer you!

If it's been more than a few days, keep reading!

Here's your to-do list if you haven't received an email:

1) Check your spam box. Search for "" or  "Pinger Zendesk"

2) If there's an email with a verification link, click it and follow the instructions from the website that will pop up!

3) If there's an email with a list of helpful sites, but none of them helped, REPLY to that email so our team will know you still need help!

4) If there's a ticket number listed at the top, make note of it for future reference.

If you're submitting a request for help for the first time, or if you're submitting from a new email address, you will be prompted with a verification email from Pinger Zendesk. Sometimes this email gets stuck in your spam folder because it comes automatically from us. By not verifying your email address, our Support team will be unable to assist you. This will only create an account with our Support site, and will not create a new Textfree account.

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