Missing earned or purchased minutes?

There are a variety of offers you can complete through TapJoy such as, reaching a certain game level or answering surveys in order to obtain free minutes for calls. It's very important that you complete them 100% to receive the total minutes they are offering. 

If you've recently completed offers through our partner TapJoy, and have not received them, first try logging out of your account, then back in! It may just take a few minutes for the minutes to appear on your account

Still no minutes? Follow the instructions below to contact TapJoy:

Missing Earned Minutes

1. Access your dial pad by tapping on the middle icon along the top toolbar

2. From the dial pad, tap on your current minute balance

3. Tap on 'Other Offers" to get to the Tapjoy offer wall

4. Along the bottom right, tap on 'Missing Textfree Minutes?" 

5. Here is where you can fill out a claim with Tapjoy to recover your missing minutes

If TapJoy confirms with you that they delivered the missing minutes to you, but you still don't see your new balance reflected in your account, send a message to with the following:

1. Offer you completed

2. How many minutes you're missing

3. Username & phone number

We'll make sure to get those minutes to you!

Missing Purchased Minutes

Forward us your receipt of purchase from iTunes to showing the date, and minute amount so we can add those in for you!

In the email, please also provide your username and phone# so we know where to add them!



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