My number expired! What does that mean?

Your number will expire after 30 days of inactivity, which means you have not sent a message within those 30 days.

 However, we do send a warning to your verified email address letting you know that your number is nearing expiration - that's why it's important that you use a real email address!

 All it takes to keep your number is to send a text to one of your non-Textfree contacts within that 30 days.

 Things that won't keep your # active:

-Receiving a phone call,

-Receiving a message,

-Sending a message from your Pinger email address (

If your number has expired already, open up the app to choose from a list of new numbers. If your number has recently expired, you’ll probably see it right at the top of the list!

 Keep in mind that once your number expires, so do your minutes.

 Want the legal-mumbo-jumbo stuff regarding this policy? Check out the Pinger Terms of Service:

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