International Calling

In addition to calling the US and Canada,

Make calls to Mexico, China, and India!

To call Mexico, dial +52 followed by the phone number

To call China, dial +86 followed by the 8–12 digit phone number

To call India, dial +91 followed by the 10-digit phone number

But first, make sure you have minutes in your account! Click here to learn how to earn or purchase minutes. 

A few pro tips:

  • ALL inbound calls are free
  • ALL Textfree-to-Textfree calls are free
  • You’ll need minutes to call friends who are not on Textfree
  • Make sure you're on the latest version of Textfree UltraTextfree Pinger, or Textfree Voice!

See this helpful link with more info about international calling! 

For additional questions about international calling, email us at

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