How to add or edit contacts

The device syncs your contacts with the app before installing (at the time of asking permissions). However, to add a new contact or edit an existing one, follow the instructions below:

To add contacts

1. Type in a number on the dialpad, and choose “New Contact”


2. To add a new contact tap on “New Contact"


3. OR to add the number to an existing contact, tap “Add to Existing”


4. You can edit the name/number of the contact and save any changes when finished



To add a contact from within a conversation:

1. Tap on the three dots on the right top corner of the conversation


2. Choose “Add contact”


3. Choose between “add new contact” or “add to existing”


4. You can edit the name/number of the contact through your device’s contacts app, then tap save when done.


To edit contacts:

Any changes you make to the contact on your native contacts app in the device will be reflected in the app too.

If you’d like to edit a contact from within the app, just follow the same steps of adding a new contact, then make the desired changes when on the screen blow:




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