How to Create an Account on Textfree Web

It's easy to set up an account on Textfree Web.

Click here to redirect to Textfree Web

1. Sign Up!

On the homepage you’ll be asked if you want to sign up with a new account, or log in to an existing account. Select the purple “Sign Up” option. 


2. Input account details 

From here, input your desired username, password, email, age and gender. If you choose not to provide that information upon signing up, you can also verify your account by logging in through Facebook or Google+!

Using the Facebook or Google single sign on (SSO) option, you will not have a username or password with the account 


3. Verify the ownership of your new account

Continuing on after entering in your information, verify the ownership of your account by registering a phone number., OR

If you do not want to register a phone number with your account, or do not have a phone number to validate, you can proceed using the Facebook or Google verification method

4. Choose your number

You're now ready to select a free phone number to use on Textfree Web! Keep in mind, you can still login to your current account on any mobile device that supports our mobile Textfree applications!

Enter in your desired zip code or postal code to view a list of phone numbers available in your area. Once you've chosen a number you like, click the purple arrow button. 

Keep in mind, you cannot change your phone number later, so make sure to pay attention to what you're selecting!



Once you've entered your inbox, check out this article to see how to send a message using Textfree Web!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at where a member of our Support Team will gladly help.

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