How to block a contact on Textfree Web

If you are being harassed or receiving inappropriate messages from someone, send a message to so we can further assist you to get any matters resolved from there!


Blocking a Contact:

For immediate relief, you can block a contact by following these steps:

1. Click on the arrow alongside their name or number under your current conversations

2. The last option you'll see in the dropdown is to "Block Number"

3. When you click this, you'll see the following popup to confirm


Keep in mind, blocking a contact will remove and delete the conversation in it's entirety from your inbox. You will not be able to get these messages back at a later date.



If you no longer want to block your contact, just send them a message for the block to automatically be lifted.

If you don't know the number you blocked, but wish to unblock them, send a message to our Support team at with the following details:

1. Your username and phone number

2. Approx date and time the number was blocked


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at where a member of our Support Team will gladly help

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