Textfree Web - FAQs & How-to's

Looking for Textfree Web?
It's located at http://pinger.com/tfwNot sure how to send a text on Textfree Web? Read these instructions.

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Here's some info on Textfree Web:

Send and receive text and picture messages on your PC, Mac or any Flash-supported device, free!  Log in to Textfree Web with your existing account and text away!  A few FYIs:

  • You'll see messages sent and received with Textfree in the last 72 hours
  • You can't delete messages or recent contacts on the web
  • Voice calls are not supported yet
  • For picture messages, have friends send to your username@textfree.us address.

Helpful account management tools in Textfree Web:

  • Change your password in Options. (Need help with this feature?  Read this article.)
  • Recover your lost username and password (if you verified your email address)
  • See your Textfree number
  • Change/verify your email address

Additional links:

  • Click HERE to learn how to send a text with Textfree Web.
  • Click HERE to learn how to add a contact. Scroll to the bottom of that page for Textfree Web instructions.
  • Click HERE to learn how to edit a contact.


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