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What happened to Pinger Desktop?

In September 2015, Textfree Web took it's place. The main difference? Textfree Web lets you chat from your web browser instead of a downloaded desktop application. That means you can access your Textfree account from any computer with Internet access. Plus, the updated design makes it faster and easier to send texts! 

You can even use your same username/phone number and password to login to Textfree for Web!

Textfree Web 

How it works:

Send and receive text and picture messages on your PC, Mac or any Flash-supported device, free! Login to Textfree Web with your existing account and text away! 


  • You'll see messages sent and received with Textfree in the last 72 hours
  • You can't delete messages or recent contacts on the web
  • Voice calls are not supported
  • For picture messages, have friends send to your username@textfree.us address. 

Helpful account management tools in Textfree Web:

  • Change your password in Options. (Need help with this feature? Read this article.)
  • Recover your lost username and password (if you verified your email address)
  • See your Textfree number
  • Change/verify your email address 

Additional links:

  • Click HERE to learn how to send a text with Textfree Web.
  • Click HERE to learn about contacts in Textfree Web


Login Screen 


Your Inbox   


Options Menu

Having trouble with Textfree Web?
Head to this link for solutions. 


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